Reserved area

Credentials and contents in the EryDel “RESERVED AREA” are strictly confidential and the access is authorized only for the medical staff operating the EDS in the ATTeST study. The Content of the “RESERVED AREA” should not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor distributed to any third party if not for the  training purpose of authorized EDS Operators. The Content of the “RESERVED AREA” is only for medically trained staff.

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Disposable kits


EryKit is a CE marked disposable medical device. It provides the essential single-use components for loading  human RBCs with DSP by using the RCL equipment. The EryKit contains a set of sterile, single use, pyrogen-free disposable blood tubing system equipped with a centrifuge, hemoconcentrator filter, bags, organizer cassette and other accessories. 

Process Solutions

The three process solutions, referred to as Hypotonic Solution 1, Hypotonic Solution 2, and PIGPA Hypertonic Resealing Solution are packaged separately and each intended to be used only in vitro in conjunction with performing the EDS process. The process solutions  contain only inactive ingredients and are not intended for direct administration to humans.

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